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Condo VI

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Condo VI
Condo VI consists of 116 units in 30 buildings on the west side of Lake Barrington consisting of Timber Ridge, Valley View and Oak Hill from Timber Ridge to Valley View 



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Condo VI Board Members:

President:  Janet Nietvelt
1st Vice President: Sheila Enright
Treasurer: Bob Dorman
Secretary: Jim Kraus
Director: Ron Honse
Director: Mike Spindler
2nd Vice President:  Mike Spindler.


Maintenance Responsibility




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Janet Nietvelt

Commission Members
Architecture Jeremiah Enright
Sheila Enright
Finance Bob Dorman
Janet Nietvelt
Insurance Paul Slamar
Janet Nietvelt
Lakes and Ponds Joe Salemi
Bob Dorman
Landscape Lauren Dorman
Kathy Kraus (Alt)
Community Affairs Evelyn Thomason
Public Works Chuck Lodding
Rules and Regulations Mike Spindler
Social and Sports Pat Flynn
Carolin Belden

Board of Directors Meeting:
The Condo VI Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Rec Center. These are open sessions, and all Condo VI homeowners are invited to attend.

Commission Meetings:
Most Commissions meet once a month at the Rec Center. Landscape and Lakes and Ponds generally do not meet during the winter months.  All 13 Condo Associations are represented at Commission meetings; each has one vote.  Condo VI homeowners are encouraged to volunteer to be a representative or an alternate on one of the nine commissions. All meetings are open to residents.