Our team is here to assist you with the buying and selling process at Lake Barrington Shores.

  • Realtors need to escort all their clients to the property. The listing Agent/Broker must show his/her business car or broker’s license when entering Lake Barrington Shores. The realtor must escort the prospective buyer in and out of Lake Barrington Shores. The realtor must stay with their client at all times.
  • Open Houses are held on Sundays from 1:00 – 4:00pm and a list is provided to interested parties entering Lake Barrington Shores. If you would like your listing to appear on the Open House list please complete the form below and return by email to or in person by Friday at noon.
  • Open House Form


  • Interested in receiving more information on buying and selling at Lake Barrington Shores? Contact our Sales and Leasing Coordinator at