Resale Guidelines

 The following are some guidelines when selling your condo at Lake Barrington Shores.


The Association requires an inspection prior to closing, if you are selling an upper level unit.      The following must be in place prior to scheduling an inspection.

  • Drain Pan installed under the Clothes Washer and Dryer
  • Drain Pan installed under the Water Heater
  • Drain Pan installed under the Water Softened & Salt Reservoir
  • Drain Pan installed under the Furnace

(Under the Discharge pipes that feed into the drain pipe)

  • Rules and Regulations require Indoor/Outdoor Carpeting, or an approved alternate flooring in the kitchen. If your kitchen does not have Indoor/outdoor carpeting, please confirm proper approval has been given.

The following are some guidelines for purchasing a condo at Lake Barrington Shores.

  • Please acquire a Lake Barrington Shores’ Purchase Application
  • Your completed purchase application is required at least 30 days prior to the closing date with a copy of the Sales Contract.
  • The Operating Reserve Fee is used and applied as an operating reserve for expenses and start-up costs. This is not a prepayment of your monthly assessments. Ex: If you close in June, you are responsible for July’s monthly assessment payment, due July 1st.
  • The Transfer and Document Fee is collected when the closing documents are ordered through The request is made by the buyer’s attorney.
  • Please confirm any Pet Weight Restrictions with the Lake Barrington Shores’ Management Office

New Homeowner Orientation

  • After your closing is scheduled with your attorney, please contact the Lake Barrington Shores’ Management Office to schedule your New Homeowner Orientation. 847-382-1660
  • The Orientation takes 45 minutes.
  • Please bring your Master Settlement Statement and H0-6 Policy to the Orientation, as a copy will be made. *Please make sure your insurance deductible meets the current requirements of LBS. Click the Link for additional insurance information:
  • Owners and Primary Residents will have a car transponder installed. Transponders are $35.00 each, made payable by check.
  • Permanent Guest List: Lake Barrington Shores is excited to announce a new Gate Access Program. Bring your smartphone to the Orientation & we will provide step by step assistance.

Moving Trucks


Please contact the Lake Barrington Shores Community Coordinator Evonne Feimster for additional assistance at 847-382-1660