Forms and Documents

Lake Barrington Shores General Forms & Documents

Document and Records Request Form

Permanent Visitor Access List

Resident Waiver and Release Agreement

Direct Debit

Dumpster POD Trailer Request

Stink Bug Prevention

Master Board Code of Ethics

2019 Fillable Census Form

Census Form

Alternative Electric Supplier MC2 Link


2018-19 Insurance What You Need To Know

Advisory Letter 2018-2019

Insurance Commission Advisory 2018

October 25, 2018 Insurance Town Hall Handout

Insurance Carrier List


Landscape Variance Application – ;andscape alterations or improvements; Softscape-new planting, garden bed alterations, Hardscape-pavement replacement IE. patio or courtyards or conversion of wood decks to pavers.

v.13 Policy 2 Homeowner Alterations 20150808

v.13 Policy 4 Pet Damage 20150808

v.13 Policy 5 Natural Area Management 20150808

v.13 Policy 9 Tree Pruning 20150808

v.13 Policy 13 Tree Vandalism 20150808

V.13 Policy 14 Tree Removals 20150808

v.13 Policy 15 Notice and Hearing 20150808

Village Tree Ordinance

Architecture Applications

Be sure to ask your Community Manager if there are any additional guidelines for your particular condo and to always check your condo’s policies and rules.

Application for Architecture Review– this form is required for any and all architectural modifications

Architecture – Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Architecture – Awnings

Architecture – Decks and Balconies

Architecture – Fences

Architecture – Hot Tubs

Architecture – Radon Mitigation

Architecture – Skylights

Architecture – Storm Doors

Architecture – Window and Patio Doors